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A few minutes from the walls of Lucca, there are some smart noble mansions in the countryside between vineyards and olive trees.

These structures, in addition to being a recreation residences, were used as places of representation, as it witnessed by the interior furnishings and indisputable architectural beauty.

The Lucca’people were able to modify their landscape maintaining the beauty in the first place with a plurality of values ​​that hover between architecture and landscape, tradition and agriculture. Who has visited one of our villas can testify. Let’s make a brief examination of some of the most famous Lucca’s villas as well as those of Coselli Collection.

Villa Grabau

Villa Grabau is a beautiful villa in the Renaissance style, which “accomodate” antique paintings and furniture entirely preserved and intact. It was built from the ruins of a medieval village from the Diodati family, wealthy merchants of Lucca. Surrounded by a large park (9 hectares) with old trees and botanical rarities. In particular you can see here the structure of limonaia, dating from the seventeenth century, which contains over a hundred basins of terracotta lemons on which the crests of the clients are impressed. It is one of the finest architectural examples of Lucca.

Villa Bernardini

Villa Bernardini is an elegant example of late Renaissance architecture with majestic residence located as a single block in the center of the large park. Commissioned by Bernardo Bernardini and completed in 1615, it has remained ever since family heritage. The emblem of the Bernardini family has always been a source of interest to scholars and hobbyists, as is shown with paintings and engravings on many mobile commissioned by the family and from different periods. It is the only ‘600 villa which still preserves in the garden a large theater in Buxus sempervirens capable of 400 seats.

Villa Oliva

Villa Oliva, formerly Buonvisi, was built around 1500 at the behest of Lodovico Buonvisi who commissioned the project to the Lucca’s architect Matteo Civitali. Over the years the house had various owners until you get to the last that was precisely the Oliva family that brought major renovation. The villa is constituted by two superimposed salons in the central part, and a charming portico supported by stone columns Matraia. All this overlooks the majestic 5-hectare park, which is enhanced by the presence of fountains, whose operation is linked to the richness of the waters.

Villa Reale in Marlia

The Villa Reale in Marlia was home to noble families, including Napoleon’s sister, Elisa Bonaparte, Princess of Lucca. She created this large complex, joining Villa Orsetti with the surrounding lands for a total extension of 16 hectares. L ‘ancient building and front lodges used as entrance were renovated in contemporary style. The wonderful gardens, with the beautiful Teatro Verzura (where she often performed the famous violinist Paganini) and the Camellia Walk, however, came to us substantially intact.

Villa Mansi

Villa Mansi, among the many villas of the Lucca area, is one of the most representative of the culture and society of ancient aristocratic Republic. With its beautiful gardens and exquisite architecture in the past has hosted kings and ambassadors of various European states. It was modified in the first half of ‘600 by the architect Muzio Oddi from Urbino and was later purchased by the Mansi family, the rich silk traders, who commissioned the real transformations Lucchese architect Giusti in regard to the façade and Philip Juvarra eg the garden. On the inside, in the central hall, there are numerous frescoes in the neoclassical style, the works of Stefano Tofanelli. Among the most beautiful side are two large paintings depicting the exploits of Apollo (Judgment of Midas and Death of Marsyas) and the fresco on the ceiling depicting The Triumph Of The Sun God.

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