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Luxury Villas in Tuscany Lucca for rent

Luxury Villa for Rent in Lucca and Tuscany

After a meticulous renovation and thanks to the work of only the best artists in Tuscany we are very proud to show you our Collection of Unique Villas.


Just say “Yes” to your soul mate and let us lead you trough this absolutely unique and unforgettable day!


Cooking school

Fresh ingredients, beautiful locations and only the best chefs! What else? Vino per favore!


Business solutions

Since the 16th century our villas hosted emperors, politicians and some of the most genial mind of the history like Felice Matteucci the inventor of the first stroke engine in 1853 and off course we want to continue this tradition.

conference and meeting foto

Conference & meeting

Check our solutions where art and beauty meets technology and professionality.


team building foto

team building

The ideal location to forge your team, finding solutions to critical issues and business problems.


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Send us a message and we will do our best to satisfy all your request.

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