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Do you want to run flat out and never look up, or you like to pedal slowly to the countryside to enjoy the surrounding landscape scents and colors… Tuscany is considered a paradise for people who love biking, biking through the breathtaking wine region might just be the ultimate experience. Such a special place demands a special bike tour. Advantages that Tuscany has to offer cyclists is the variety of unique natural scenery, ranging from dirt roads in the countryside to off-roading with a mountain bike, cobblestone streets in small villages to bike paths along the rivers.

Explore Lucca with an easy and pleasant bike tour, cycling-friendly streets the way the locals do, suitable also for kids and children to have a taste of Lucca, its river park and the countryside. Pedal along leafy boulevards and through charming squares on a relaxed ride or move away from the city center almost immediately onto the bicycle path that runs along the river and back up to Ponte a Moriano. A path immersed in a green and sweet countryside, crossing hills renowned for the production of wine and oil, but also rich in extraordinary mansions and villas of the ancient aristocracy. 

Opt for an alternative day at the beach by bike. The day dedicated to the sea, along a route flat suitable for everyone. Full day biking until the beautiful promenade of Viareggio with a stop for lunch, deserved rest on the sea and walk.

Hikingin Tuscany

Another new experience to offer to friends of hiking and naturalistic excursions. For all those groups and individual travelers who are interested in the beauty of the Tuscan landscape and its flora and fauna. Tours were designed by environmental excursion experts and are always led by guides. 

Choose to hike the Cinque Terre, the trails overlooking the sea, really spectacular. This holiday will give you a taste of a Tuscan countryside and Liguria coast: so different landscapes both characterized by natural beauties and an exceptional quality of food and wine. A joyful day with no stress and an unforgettable walking tour will cheer your days, because the most beautiful landscapes, usually, can not be captured from the car. Or visit is one of the most enticing regions for hiking in Tuscany – Garfagnana. Situated in the northwestern part of Tuscany, comprises the upper valley of the river ‘Serchio’. Embedded between two mountain chains which differ from each other in social, historical and geomorphological perspectives.

For those who don’t have a desire to move too far from the Villa we have a solution also. Take a walk to the church of Vorno and go up the path that leads to Mount Zano. Follow the dirt road that goes up to the detour to Prato Sillori – Castagnone and when you reach Santallago you will have to go down towards Campo Croce and from there go up to the top of Mount Faeta. From here the breathtaking view extends from Livorno to the gulf of La Spezia.


Your visit to Tuscany would not be complete without seeing at least a portion of the beautiful scenery of Lucca hills from the horseback choosing from a lesson, one-hour trail rides, half-day rides; or spend the whole day exploring the countryside. Discovering Tuscany on horseback is an experience that everyone should try at least once in their life. Find the right rhythm in tune with your horse, breathe deeply the clean country air, gallop at breakneck speed between the newly plowed hills or long bright sunflower fields.

There are multiple paths on the surrounding hills which present different levels of difficulty. Your guide will tell you some curious details about the renowned Tuscan countryside, while you’ll be riding immersed in the nature. Crossing the countryside on horseback, perhaps alongside a river and listening to the roar of a waterfall, birds singing with the constant soundtrack to the beat of horses’ hooves will take you back to a true dimension of enjoyment on the natural environment.

The first time sitting on a horse is an exciting experience unlike any other. Forming a relationship strong enough to understand one of these amazing animals while exploring Lucca’s countryside is truly something special.

Rideyour Vespa

Most of the visitors to Tuscany do not know that Vespas are produced here! The company is in Pontedera, right between Florence and Pisa. Forget the stuffy trains and expensive rental cars! Nothing comes close to the freedom and the sheer exhilaration of zipping through Italy on the back of a swanky Vespa.

Smell the alluring aromas of sun-baked pine trees, vineyards and olive groves. Ride a Vespa on quiet and scenic roads through rolling hillsides of Lucca. You will be taken to the heart of Tuscany where some of our most famous wines are produced. If you do not feel comfortable riding on your own or you do not have a minimum experience, you may decide to ride with one of the guides.

You will enjoy this experience together with a team of escorts, who will be showing you around small medieval villages situated in the heart of Tuscany. Take in the sights and sounds before sitting down to a full lunch at a quaint family owned restaurant which nestles amongst the hills.


Learn new skills and sharpen your game on the court with your coach. Receive actionable feedback from your coach after every training session. What better way to fast track your improvement than with a one-on-one coaching session – an hour just for you to develop those areas of your game most important to you. You can go it alone or you may wish to organize a small group or play with a friend.

Personal trainerin villa

An unspoiled countryside and a perfect balance between agricultural setting and small inhabited villages make it the ideal location for your relaxation and spiritual well-being. If you want to dedicate a bit of vacation time to fitness activities, there is no better way than having your personal trainer leads your exercises in the wonderful Tuscan countryside. Passion for sport in this charming Italian region will enhance the fun and richness of the experience.

Expect to feel fully energized with the joy and freedom of movement in open air spaces without limits. Your personal  trainer will guide you in the ‘muscular awakening’ in the historic park of the Villa.

Pilates and Yogain villa

The first moments of each day are really precious. It’s a time where we can influence how we are going to think, act and to respond for the rest of the day, so it makes sense to make that time positive and inspiring.

Yoga has a myriad of benefits no matter what time of the day we practice. But there’s just something profoundly special about rolling out your mat at the start of the day next to an olive tree, or at the top of a hill overlooking a vast vineyard. Flexibility, firmness, agility, these are the promises of the “method” par excellence. Pilates trains you to initiate movement from your body’s powerhouse, also known as your center or core.

Originally used by dancers to get in shape and keep the lean and toned body, now it has spread around the world to prevent or counter any imbalances, but essential to learn how to move in a harmonious way and improve the body posture. Have your private lesson before or after passing a day in discovering the beauties of Tuscany. The guiding philosophy behind Pilates is that you must devote yourself to your whole being – mind, body and spirit to attain good health, so make your private teacher help you to boost creative energy for your day that you’ll need for your daily tours through this remarkable place.

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