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Villa Lenka

Luxury Villas with Pool
  • Max 14
  • 1000 m2
  • 13

Nestled amidst beautiful parkland, Villa Lenka stands proudly as an aristocratic 17th-century estate, epitomizing the essence of Tuscan living.

With 7 opulent guestrooms accommodating up to 14 guests, this villa offers an unparalleled experience in a refined atmosphere. The spacious, frescoed rooms adorned with antique furnishings exude an aura of sophistication, seamlessly blending modern comforts with the villa’s rich heritage. From the grand drawing room to the cozy TV lounge and elegant dining room, every corner exudes charm and character. The villa is ensconced within tranquil Italian gardens, where a freshwater brook meanders through two small lakes under the shade of weeping willow trees. Grand cypress trees and fragrant lemon and herb gardens provide a picturesque backdrop to the private swimming pool.

Immerse yourself in the magical allure of Villa Lenka, where moments of relaxation and refinement await, complemented by the luxury villas with pool.

Prices per week starting from 15.000€

Borgo Bernardini​

Luxury Villas with Pool
  • Max 24
  • 1600 m2
  • 16

Prices per week starting from 23.200€

Centuries ago, Count Bernardini crafted a sanctuary amidst the hills encircling the ancient walled city of Lucca. Today, Borgo Bernardini stands as a refined and exclusive Tuscan retreat enveloped by magnificent parklands featuring ornate ponds, antique fountains, and quaint courtyards resonating with the scent of lemon in its Italian gardens.

The 12 uniquely designed bedrooms, accommodating up to 24 guests, embody the essence of graceful living seamlessly intertwined with the traditional Tuscan hamlet aesthetic, boasting wooden-beamed ceilings, terracotta floors, and inviting hues. The villa’s reception spaces offer a wine library boasting a private collection of Tuscan wines, a card and billiard room, a domed music room with a cozy fireplace, a grand banquet hall, a spacious Tuscan kitchen, several cozy lounges, and a fitness room. With its original features and captivating vistas of rolling hills and olive groves, Borgo Bernardini epitomizes beauty, serenity, and allure—a perfect venue for intimate gatherings of family and friends, where time seems to stand still, and memories are made everlasting.

Experience the epitome of luxury villas with pool amidst the timeless charm of Borgo Bernardini.

Villa Controni

Luxury Villas with Pool
  • Max 24
  • 1600 m2
  • 14

Villa Controni, nestled beneath Monte Pisano on the southern outskirts of Lucca, stands as a tribute to the region’s illustrious past, tracing back to the 18th century.

Set amidst captivating hillside terraces adorned with olive groves, enchanting Italian gardens, and pine-covered hilltops adorned with remnants of ancient castles, this property offers awe-inspiring views. The sweeping scenery encompasses Lucca and Nottolini’s aqueduct, while a tranquil walled garden provides the perfect setting for the swimming pool and summerhouse, complete with a fitness room. Reflecting the villa’s serene ambiance, the interiors are tastefully furnished with sophistication and charm, featuring 11 frescoed guestrooms, each with its own en-suite facilities, accommodating up to 22 guests. With three expansive living areas, a cozy study, a billiard room, a grand banquet hall, and the serene ambiance of an arched loggia, the villa offers plenty of opportunities for larger groups to unwind together or enjoy moments of peace and relaxation.

Discover the pinnacle of luxury villas with a pool amidst the timeless allure of Villa Controni.

Prices per week starting from 22.000€

Villa del Fattore

Luxury Villas with Pool
  • Max 15
  • 800 m2
  • 10

Prices per week starting from 15.000€

Nestled in the heart of a picturesque Italian landscape adorned with orchards, olive groves, and serene hills, Villa del Fattore epitomizes the charm of a typical Tuscan country residence.

Meticulously restored to impeccable standards, this villa seamlessly blends age-old Tuscan allure with modern comforts. From terracotta tiled floors and wood-beamed ceilings to frescoes and cozy patio areas shaded by rose-covered gazebos, every detail exudes rustic elegance. The villa boasts a range of reception spaces, including a TV lounge, drawing room, traditional Tuscan kitchen, grand dining hall, and a winter garden conservatory. Additionally, the cottage provides a kitchen, dining area, and sun lounge for added convenience. Outside, a vast lawn awaits, complete with a luxurious swimming pool—an ideal setting for cherished Tuscan moments shared with loved ones.

Experience the epitome of luxury villas with pool amidst the timeless beauty of Villa del Fattore.

Villa Matteucci

Luxury Villas with Pool
  • Max 14
  • 600 m2
  • 8

Casa Felice Matteucci stands as a jewel among Tuscan farmhouses, gracing a magnificent estate adorned with hill-terraced olive groves and overlooking a serene lake, complete with its own charming tree-shaded island accessible via a wooden bridge.

This exceptional residence offers unparalleled comfort and elegance, featuring 6 beautifully appointed guestrooms, each boasting magnificent en-suite bath/shower rooms to accommodate up to 12 guests. The ground floor, bathed in natural light, boasts a spacious salon with inviting sofas, a cozy guest study, a grand domed dining room, and a traditional Tuscan kitchen. A jasmine-covered gazebo nestled amidst manicured gardens provides the perfect setting for the illuminated pool. Casa Felice Matteucci beckons as a sanctuary of tranquility, inviting guests to uncover and indulge in the enchanting beauty of la dolce vita.

Experience the epitome of luxury villas with pool amidst the serene splendor of Casa Felice Matteucci.

Prices per week starting from 12.000€

Villa il Frantoio

Luxury Villas with Pool
  • Max 8
  • 440 m2
  • 5

Prices per week starting from 7.500€

Il Frantoio, originally an olive press, has been lovingly restored to become a cozy and inviting residence, retaining its original charm.

Featuring 4 delightful bedrooms, each with en-suite bathrooms, accommodating up to 8 guests, this villa offers a tranquil retreat. Reception areas include a spacious and inviting lounge and a well-appointed Tuscan kitchen with a charming eat-in breakfast room. The gardens, enveloped by terraced olive groves, offer picturesque valley views overlooking the swimming pool towards the medieval towers of Lucca—a serene setting for enjoying leisurely summer evenings with cherished family and friends.

Immerse yourself in a slice of Tuscan paradise at Il Frantoio, where the epitome of luxury villas with pool awaits.

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