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"To be together is a beginning, to stay together is progress, but to be able to work together is a success."
Henry Ford (Industrial)

A group becomes a real team when all the members that compose it are quite sure of themselves and of the contribution they can give, to be able to praise the preparation of the other participants. To be capable to achieve this goal we need to do and live as many experiences we can in order to better know where we are in the world and who we are.


Coselli Collection provides many different location and settings for your team building. Starting from a minimum of a 2 days experience during low and mid season up to a week or more during high season. Thanks to our variety of villas we are able to meet the most diverse needs: small groups from 4 to 12 people can be easily accommodated in Casa Matteucci, Casa del fattore or in Villa Lenka, bigger groups (from 12 to 24 people) can sleep in Villa Controni or Borgo Bernardini. But this is not all, in case of very large groups there is also the possibility to rent the entire estate of “Vorno” (29 Bedrooms in total) or “Coselli” (19 bedrooms in total).


Our activity focuses on the development of a company’s distinctive skills, going to create a sense of identity on every component of the Working Group. These activities are carried out by experienced Staff, who can avail themselves, for certain activities, of consultancy from professional technicians experienced in the specific field. Our activities can be defined experiential as they make live in first person the “experiences” to participants who are solicited through the exchange and contact with others in a climate of interaction. We can divide our activities in 2 main types:


In our rooms with the help of “small techniques”. That is to say, with the participation of the individual subjects to direct activities with simulations of roles (role play), movies, case-history, discussions, business game but also cooking schools, wine tastings and more.


These are activities that allow you to exploit the immense green areas of the villas such as for example: archery, hiking and biking, painting courses, hot air baloon team games and much more. From these activities we learn from a real but unfamiliar situation, in many cases in contact with nature, to face challenges and concrete difficulties

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