Lucca and Tuscany seen by tourists


Even more than in other areas of Tuscany, the province of Lucca is perceived as a place where the quality of life is really high. This is true for those who reside, invest and work in the area and for those who want to spend their holiday of culture, landscape, sea, cozy beaches and everything that goes around the world of tourism and entertainment. A confirmation is also directly given from the words of a lot of tourist after visiting Lucca.

In fact, Lucca is one of the most popular resorts in Tuscany and tourists often choose it not only to stay but also as a base for visiting the entire Tuscany, thanks to its centrral position. An important quality index of image is given by Versilia, Torre del Lago and the Puccini Festival, which each year attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world, proposing a lyrical poster of great interest not only referring to musicians but also to those who choose Torre del Lago as a destination for their holidays.

Lucca offers a combination of culture and territory that is the winning card used as a strong attraction throughout the territory. Small and medium-sized art cities have grown at a tourist level precisely because they are linked to the cultural initiative, to the living and existing heritage, to the completion with the catering and the typical product, in search of taste.

Lucca is surprised, fascinates, curious. One of the oldest cities in Italy, surrounded by sixteenth-century walls (among the few in Italy to be perfectly intact) from medieval and Renaissance architecture that naturally adjoin characteristic markets, modern venues, festivals and festivals.

Tourists in Lucca encounter an explosion of passion, in any corner of the city, between ancient streets, shops, schools, and people.

A journey that goes into the heart until you get home, who knows where in the world.

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