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Before speaking about what to visit in Lucca I’d like to start making a brief introduction to this magnificent city. Lucca is one of the richest Italian city for its history and charm, ideal for a trip to discover its typical streets and squares and its beautiful surroundings.

With about 90,000 inhabitants, Lucca is a city of Roman origin and of purely medieval structure. That is clear both from the walls of its charming old town and the two main axes – Via Fillungo and Via San Paolino-Santa Croce – that remember Roman roads. It is a friendly city to visit, easily on foot, delightful place for the gastronomy and sublime in nature-rich surroundings and history. Let’s see what to visit in Lucca.

What to visit in Lucca 

Visiting the city of Lucca is impossible to get lost one of the most beautiful squares of Italy: Piazza Anfiteatro. The characteristic shape of ellipses, incorporates the ancient traces of the Roman amphitheater. The lack of an access roads make it even more particular: there are in fact four small doors that provide access to the heart of Lucca.

Another big square is the bustling Piazza San Michele, which was founded on the ruins of the ancient Roman forum. To frame the preferred meeting place by Lucca’s residents there are a series of buildings, including Palazzo Gigli and Praetorian Palace, under whose lodges are held several events throughout the year. The Romanesque church of San Michele in Foro is renowned for the particular limestone facade four lodges on which stands the great statue of the archangel Michael.  According to legend here is guarded a big nestled emerald that is visible only in special light conditions.

Continuing the walk you can not fail to noticed the medieval walls, the city’s symbol from 5 centuries, which envelop and guard the whole city with great gentleness and magnificence. This wall –  made between 1513 and 1645 – is the largest monument in Lucca and one of the most voluminous in Tuscany and is admired all over the world. They are the only model of defensive walls remained intact until today.

Lucca summer festival

Lovers of classical music, throughout the year, will be joyful to know that Lucca hosts the “Puccini Festival” and “Lucca Festival” (the only permanent musical festivals around the world). The St. John Cathedral, as well as the Amphitheatre Square, hosts concerts and events in honor of these festivals aimed to pay homage to the great composer. As a matter of fact Puccini was born in this city, precisely in Corte San Lorenzo. The house where he lived is now a museum dedicated to him.

Where to stay in Lucca

Lucca offers the chance to live a dream holiday and during the entire stay, you can continue to enjoy the magical atmosphere in our luxury villas located in the ancient village of Coselli, 5 minuts by the heart of the city.

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